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As the only bell foundry in Poland we offer unique musical instruments - carillons. These are the sets of bells (at minimum 13) which are used to play any religious, patriotic and popular melodies. The process of manufacturing the carillon bells is different than church bells as carillon bells must have different shape and alloy than church bells. The different shape (profile) is designed in a way to expose other partials than in regular bells, shorten the time of ressonance so the particular notes can be heard clearly and without distractions.

Carillons are very efective way to bring people to churches and towns as they create an unique concert place which gathers everyone together!

jan felczynski bell foundry

Carillons start from 13 bells (one full octave), but we recommend 25 and 25 plus sets which can be used to play more melodies and songs. Below we present some of the carillon sets which can be composed:


Sample carillon sets

13 Bells

  • Small weighting 204 kg from c/5 (12kg) to c/4 (21kg)
  • Small weighting 413 kg from c/4 (21kg) to c/3 (50kg)
  • Medium weighting 1720 kg from c/3 (50kg) to c/2 (275kg)
  • Big weighting 13150 kg from c/2 (275kg) to c/1 (2500kg)

18 bells

  • Small weighting  329 kg from c/5 (12kg) to g/3 (27kg)
  • Medium weighting 813 kg from c/4 (21kg) to g/2 (105kg)

20 bells

  • Small weighting 531 kg from g/4 (14kg) to c/3 (50kg)
  • Medium weighting 1964 kg from g/3 (27kg) to c/2 (275kg)
  • Big weighting 14250 kg from g/2 (105kg) to c/1 (2500kg)

25 bells

  • Small weighting 596 kg from c/5 (12kg) to c/3 (50kg)
  • Medium weighting 2083 kg from c/4 (21kg) to c/2 (275kg)
  • Big weighting 14595 kg from c/3 (50kg) to c/1 (2500kg)


To every carillon set we offer full automation solutions: including electromagnetic hammers, keyboard and controllers. Because of very individual character of the carillon projects please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.




Do you know that...

Our foundry was established in 1808 and it deliveres bells arounfd the world for more than 200 years!


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