We developed an unique bell profile
   Which resulted in the sound quality like never before...
   Sound which is truly harmonized with incredible ressonance...
   The quality which certifies our bells as the great musical instruments...



  Signed by

  Royal Bells


What is Royal Bells?jan felczynski bell foundry

Royal Bells is a new line of bells manufactured in our foundry. For the last few years we have been working on sound quality and a new bell profile which can provide much better hum dissonance combined with almost ideal overtones harmonization. Knowing how important the sound of a bell is, we run many tests and made broad research on its acoustics. As a result we have developed a new profile which was used for the first time during the casting of "St. John Paul II" for the Wawel Royal Cathedral in Cracow. Since then all our bells are labeled with Royal Bells trade mark.


Decay (S8 – hum)

Felczyński – 45 seconds


Royal Bells – 70 seconds


Pitch harmonics (partials correlation)

Felczyński – 70%


Royal Bells – 98%







Do you know that...

The biggest bell casted in our foundry weighted 10 tons!


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