For your convenience we have prepared many applications which facilitiate the process of understanding our products. With the use of the harmonic peals configurator the user has the possibility to listen to the pitch of each bell we produce and to compose the most popular harmonic peals.

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Quality of material

jan felczynski bell foundryThe correct alloy is the key to the quality of the sound of our bells. It also influence their appearance. We cast our bells using only pure bronze - an alloy of tin adn copper with 22 to 78 proportions. See why the quality of material is so important.

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Quality of sound

jan felczynski bell foundry As the only foundry in the region we really care about the sound of our bells and we tune and certify our bells! We constantly work towards ideal sound harmonization! See what makes the soudn of our bells unique.

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Quality of finishing

jan felczynski bell foundryBell is also a hand-make art craft which artwork should be as important as it's sound.  See how we can finish our bells using only natural bronze and the skills of our master engravers. See samples or our bas-reliefs and ornaments!

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