jan felczynski bell foundryThe most beautiful tower clocks
by Company Rduch Bells & Clocks
  • The tower clocks included in our offer are the most recognizable and admired clocks in the region

  • Used mechanism and produced in Switzerland

  • The design process is based on CAD/CAM software - any clock can be completely customized based on clients needs

  • Amazing design in classic and modern style



Graphic tower clocks projects
The freedom of designing
The client can specify freely any colour and desing of the tower clock. The initial visualization can be prepared based on our own projects or intructions provided by our clients. We have prepared some sample designs (attached in the pdf file below the page)

jan felczynski bell foundry

jan felczynski bell foundry

jan felczynski bell foundry

jan felczynski bell foundry

jan felczynski bell foundry

jan felczynski bell foundry


Every inch of perfection
The most durable materials and precision 


jan felczynski bell foundryTower clocks are mounted normally in places which are difficult to maintencance and exposed to changing weather conditions (rain, snow, wind, sun). That's why we manufacture our clocks using only the most durable materials such us: aluminium, stainless steel, copper, polycarbonates and glass. Digits, hands and decorative elements of the clock face can be covered by gold, specially painted or casted from new base in given colour. The elements of the clock's switch are made of acid-proof steel and high class plastic. The used by us steering computers and managing the work of the clocks with incredible precision of possible error being 1 second for 100 years.

LED ilumination
Breath-taking night effect 

Comapny Rduch Bells & Clocks offers the LED ilumination without changing the design and size of jan felczynski bell foundrythe desired tower clock. Special LED lighting is designed in the most economic way using minimum energy. This ilumanation provides great night effect which can be in any single of mulitple colour. 

The clocks are visible from far distances and constitute great part of city or village arhitecture. .



Download catalogue with samples of clock designs





Do you know that...

In our foundry we casted famous bell St. John Paul II for Wawel Cathedral!


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