Why is it worth to choose us?



Because a bell once casted lives for generations and our foundry
with over 200 years of tradition and experience is worth being trusted.

Bells are witnesses of our times. Their ringing accompanies the most important moments of our life, these happy and glorious, and these sad and tragic. Someday the bell will tell our story to those who will come after us. It will share a secret about people who helped create it,  will last not only as a piece of art but also as a marvelous musical instrument.


Because the quality of bell sound is what we care about the most.

As the only foundry in Poland we submit our bells to regular sound testing. Its acoustic quality is confirmed by numerous certificates issued by recognized European campanologists. We care about the smallest detail during the production process and ensure clear sound of every bell we make. In bell tuning we use pitch standard at A = 435 Hz (French pitch) and A = 440 Hz (concert pitch). It is the tuning that makes our bells exceptional and trigger wide range of emotions while calling to prayer. That is why for the last few years we have been working really hard to develop a new bell profile which could provide perfect correlation of partial tones…


Because thanks to new bell profile we have developed
our bells gained almost perfect overtones harmonization.

For the last few years we have been working on a bell profile which could provide much better hum dissonance combined with almost ideal overtones harmonization. As a result we are proud to present new series of bell profiles called Royal Bells which quality exceeds all profiles used before by Felczyński family. It gained its name due to a fact that the most intensive works were carried out   when the bell "St. John Paul II" for the Wawel Royal Cathedral in Cracow was being prepared. Since then all our bells are marked with Royal Bells trade mark.


Because by the bells we have cast so far for the places important
in Church’es life you can see the high quality of our craftsmanship. 

Casting "St. John Paul II" for the Wawel Royal Cathedral was the most important event in our foundry in 2014. Mr Petr Janda, the famous campanologist from Czech Republic, commented on the excellence of the work carried out to the bell hidden in Silver Bell Tower. “This is probably the best bell in the Polish bell casting history”. Throughout the last few years we have also cast the bells for the Basilica of Blessed Virgin Mary in Piekary Śląskie and the Sanctuary of St. Hyacinth in Kamień Śląski. Bells cast in Jan Felczyński Bell Foundry ring in Jasna Góra and Vatican City.


Because we know that our success depends on customer satisfaction. We handle
each order individually striving for extraordinary performance in every area of our business.

For each parish even the smallest bell is precious. We are aware that collecting funds is very difficult, especially when there is a temple in construction. That is why we offer free consultation on the customer premises including selection of peals and evaluation of existing bells.


Because thanks to cooperation with famed
Company Rduch Czernica we can offer fully integrated solutions.

Together we provide comprehensive services from bells, through automation, steel constructions, wooden bell frames and tower clocks to automated shutters. We can run complex projects and guarantee high quality of our work.




Do you know that...

In our foundry we casted famous bell St. John Paul II for Wawel Cathedral!


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