Rev. Albert Glaeser

Set of bells for the Sanctuary of St. Hyacinth in Kamień Śląski


I would like to thank everyone who with their talent and skills made possible this enormous and difficult  project.  Once again I express my gratitude to the Management and Employees of the whole team, especially to company Rduch Bells & Clocks and to Jan Felczyński Bell Foundry from Przemyśl. Inscription above the “Gate of the Bells” says: Laudate Dominium – praise the Lord. He determines the aim of the whole project (…). Achieving this goal required top-class performance. You have met the challenge in a perfect way …




Rev. Zdzisław Ossowski

Set of Bells for Sanctuary of St. Roch in Osiek


150th anniversary of the parish and Sanctuary of St. Roch in Osiek could not be celebrated in a better way  (…). Bringing the idea to fruition took only 9 months during which: contractors came on the site, brought their  professional  knowledge and guidance, parishioners went to see the bells’ casting in Przemyśl and finally we were able to bless the bells and hang them. Every stage of our cooperation was handled with competence,  accuracy and constant supervision. The Founders  were always there and took care of every step of the bell project: from preparing and presenting the draft  to tuning the bells and make their sound beautiful and unique.




Rev. Zdzisław Sochacki

St. John Paul II for Wawel Royal Cathedral


We are witnesses of remarkable event, in this very moment a bell is being created (…). It is a witness who will not make us forget about life and holiness of Karol Wojtyła, the pope John Paul II (…). Let’s thank God for everyone who hearing the ringing will remind themselves who was and who still is John Paul II (…). This unique sound will delight and move every soul who hears it...




Rev. Marek Podyma

St. John Paul II for St. Brother Albert parish in Busko-Zdrój


I have discovered Jan Felczynski Bell Foundry when it came to finding the best company to cast a bell named St. John Paul II. After many discussions we chose them because Mr. Piotr Olszewski presented to us the most reliable documentation and precise analysis of the existing bells.




Rev. Piotr Gruba

Set of bells for Chwaszczyno


When we contacted Jan Felczynski Bell Foundry the owners suggested not only casting the set of bells but also to celebrate together their casting (…) The finishing of the bells, punctuality and commitment.



Do you know that...

The biggest bell casted in our foundry weighted 10 tons!


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