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Katyn Bell - the first bell in the world that was manufactured with ‚shot through’


On 4th-5th August our Foundry delivered and company Rduch Bells & Clocks mounted unique bell in the Katyn Museum.


Weighting 2 tones Katyn Bell was designed by world famous artist Jerzy Kalina and mounted on 12 meters construction at the premises of the museum near main Warsaw highway.


This is very important project for our company because of many reasons and we are are pleased that we could be the manufacturers of this great piece of art. Again we could deliver the bell to important Warsaw museum (previously we delivered bell to the Warsaw Raising Museum).


On the bell we have the Eagle of II Republic of Poland and Polish Army’s Credo (Rota).This is the first bell in the world that was manufactured with ‚shot through’which in symbolic way refers to tragic history of Katyn. Interesting is that the ’shot through’ has not destroyed the sound of the bell seriously - all what was noticed was slight lowering of most important overtones - but the decay and sound of the bell is still excellent.


The bell has tone cis1. The bell was covered by patina which gave the old-style flavour and unique character. The bell has electromagnetic hammers produced by company Rduch Bells & Clocks and inner lighting system.


The opening of the Museum in planned in a month.


Please see the pictures from production as well as from difficult operation of mounting.

Three new bells in the Parish of Holy Trinity in Warsaw for the Celebration of 500 Years of Reformation


10th July 2015 will be historical date in the history of the Evangelical Parish of Holy Trinity in Warsaw.

76 years after destruction of old parish bells (as a result of II World War actions) and 58 years after installation of bells which are to date located in the parish three new bells casted in Jan Felczyski’s Bell Foundry arrived specially for the celebration of 500 Years of Reformation.

The biggest bell - Reformation Bell - weights 350kg and rings in h/1, two other bells weight 220kg and 150kg and sound in d/2 and e/2 tones. All together they play beautiful set of Tedeum motive. Please see the gallery of this event.

International Fairs Sacroexpo 2015


Between 22nd and 24th June together with company Rduch Bells & Clocks we were presenting our products at International Fairs Sacroexpo 2015. We would like to thank all visitors for the time spent in our stand. We are proud to annouce that just like year before we received Gold Medal of Sacroexpo Fairs for the Jubilee Bell of Poland's Christianity - Bell "Mieszko & Dabrawa". We would like to thank the jury for this amazing award.


Casting of bell "Mieszko and Dobrawa"


jan felczynski bell foundry

On 11th May 2015 we cast a bell named „Mieszko and Dobrawa” to commemorate 1050th anniversary of the Baptism of Poland. The casting was attended by Primate of Poland Archbishop Wojciech Polak and metropolitan archbishop of Przemyśl Józef Michalik. The idea to celebrate 1050th anniversary of the baptism of Mieszko I, and thus a symbolic baptism of Polish state, came from the Muzeum Pierwszych Piastów na Lednicy (Museum of First Piasts at Lednica) in 2013. Then in 2014 it was decided to fund a memorial bell and place it on the Ostrów Lednicki Island next to the relics of residential and sacral stone architecture from the times of Mieszko I and Boleslaus the Valiant. This is the first bell in Poland with this name which honor the first royal couple from Piast dynasty – Mieszko I and Czech princess Dobrawa who introduced Christianity to Polish nation. “Mieszko I Dobrawa” bell weigh 220 kg, has d/2 tone and diameter of 70 cm. As always we used high­quality alloy of copper and tin in proportions of 78:22 and prepare wrought clapper made of soft ST3 steel. The bell has been mounted on the oak yoke and hung on the 2 meter high wooden bell­tower made by Rduch Bells & Clocks company from Czernica. The bell rope which “falls down to the bell­tower footing” represents “a love knot binding the bell with the ground and the smallest ones of it’s brothers”. The bell­tower is “a pulpit for a bell from which it should waken dormant people” – “call the living, mourn the dead, break the thunderbolt”.

Tone d/2 has been selected because of its noble and delicate sound. The same tone we can find in a famous “Hallelujah” from Handel’s oratorio “Messiah” (HWV 56) which sounds used to gain standing ovations even from the kings!

The ornaments of the bell refers to the iconography and relics related to the royal couple, surrounding of Ostrów Lednicki and Civitas Schinesghe. On the one side of the bell there is a bass­relief of Mieszko and Dobrawa based on XIX­century designs and a latin phrase.

The blessing ceremony of „Bell of Peace” - Kravare - Czech Republic


On 8 May 2015 in Kravare ( Czech Republic ) the blessing ceremony of „Bell of Peace” took place. Name of this great bell indicates, it was created to honor the memory of World War 2 victims. The leading theme is inscription with consist a list of 140 surnames. Ornaments are minimized.


See photos from blessing ceremony of this unusual bell.

KOINE EXPO FAIRS 2015 in Vicenza, Italy


jan felczynski bell foundry

Royal Bells together with company Rduch Bells & Clocks and company Phoenix Professional Audio presented products at the biggest international church fairs in Europe - KOINE EXPO FAIRS 2015 in Vicenza, Italy. Our bells were admired by visitors and campanologists.

Please see the gallery of this event.

Norawy (Jessheim) Oslo – mounting and blessing of the bells


jan felczynski bell foundry On 22nd January, 2015 we went to Jessheim (Oslo) in Norway to celebrate the blessing of the bells cast in our foundry led by Bishop of Oslo, Bernt Ivar Eidsvig. Together with Grzegorz Klyszcz from Rduch Bells & Clocks we supervised the mounting of the bells in the bell­tower of newly built church in Jessheim. Two automated bells (with gis­as/1 tone and h/1 tone) were equipped with simple and elegant wooden yokes and hung in the steel construction supplied by Rduch Bells & Clocks.

See more photos and check the short sound recording of the bells ringing.


New bell in parish of St. Cross in Krakow


jan felczynski bell foundryJust before Christmas (21.12.2014) cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz blessed new bell casted for parish of St. Cross located in the Main Square in Krakow. The bell weights 300kg and has perfect c/2 pitch. This bell will join in the tower another ancient bell from XVI century. The yoke and clapper was manufacture by Rduch Czernica company.



Primate of Poland blessing our bells!


jan felczynski bell foundry


Primate of Poland Archbishop Wojciech Polak blessed our bells in the parish of Wylatowo near Gniezno in Poland. The major peal is composed of pitches d/2 - fis/2 - a/2.


Bells have beautiful wooden yokes specially designed for the church tower power capacity in Wylatowo. Wylatowo Church is our of the oldest wooden church in Poland still existing today.




Musical parameters of bells:


Bell 220kg

strike note d/2 -1
prime d/2 +0
tierce f/2 +1
quint a/2 +6
hum d/1 +3
nominal d/3 -1


Bell 100kg

strike note fis-ges/2 +2
prime fis-ges/2 -1
tierce a/2 +2
quint cis/3 +7
hum fis-ges/1 +3
nominal fis-ges/3 +2


Bell 70kg

strike note a/2 -1
prime a/2 +1
tierce c/3 +1
quint e/3 +3
hum a/1 +0
nominal a/3 -1

Blessing of bells in Karviná (Czech Republic)


jan felczynski bell foundry


On 20th May three new bells were blessed in Karviná. Cast as a complementary set  to the already existing  bells spreading Good News in the whole town, they were tuned according to the local campanologist’s advice saying they should be go up about 4/16 semi-tone (d/2, e/2, fis/2).






Do you know that...

The biggest bell casted in our foundry weighted 10 tons!


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