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Bells' blessing in Irish parish Oranmore


Bells' consecrations in Irish parish Oranmore

Bells' consecrations in Irish parish Oranmore


In December just before Christmas in Irish parish Oranmore the ceremony of bell’s blessing took place. The bell casted in our foundry was given the name ’Nicolas’.

The bell weighs 500kg and has tone a/1. It was mounted on the church bell’s tower with beautiful oak yoke and construction with automation system prepared by Rduch Bells & Clocks Company.

During the ceremony the bell was blessed by Archbishop Eamon Martin.


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Catholic Expo 2016 - Cluj - Napoca


Catholic Expo 2016

Catholic Expo 2016


Recently, our bell foundry visited the international Catholic Expo 2016 held in Romania from 6th to 8th October . This was our first visit to this country and the first such serious presentation of our company in this part of Europe.

Especially for this occasion we cast a bell, whose ornamentation and inscriptions refer to the tradition of the Eastern Church. It weighs 260 kg, is 73 cm in diameter and rings with of cis-des / 2 tone.

Our stand was very popular among visitors, including a large number of supervisors of the monasteries, clergy of other denominations and representatives of local media.

Along with companies Rduch Bells & Clocks and Phoenix Professional Audio we were able to present the possibility of a comprehensive selection of all the professional equipments needed in a parish: bells, the automation of bells, constructions of bell towers, clocks and text displays, as well as acoustic solutions for churches.


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Bells’ blessing in Harichovce/Slovakia




On 15 August the ceremony of bells’ blessing took place in the city of Harichovce in Slovakia.

Two bells a/1 and c/2 were casted in our foundry and received beautiful oak yokes prepared by Rduch Bells & Clocks company.
The bells are now mounted on the bell tower.


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Three bells - Karlove in Prague (Czech Republic)




Jan Felczynski's Bell Foundry had pleasure make three bells to the parish of the b.v. Mary and st. Charlemagne to Karlove in Prague (Czech Republic).

Bells weighing 1450 kg, 800 kg and 420 kg are equipped with clappers, wooden yokes and automation system produced by company Rduch Bells & Clocks. In the project involved are Karlov Charm foundation and the City Office in Prague.

The blessing ceremony of bells is scheduled for 30.10.2016, then the bells will be placed on the church tower.

Czech Television about our project: Ceskatelevize.cz


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Bell „Mieszko & Dobrawa” blessing - 1050 Years of Christianity in Poland


On 14 April 2016 in Ostrow Lednicki (Museum of the first Piasts at Lednica) during the celebrations on 1050. anniversary of Christening of Poland ceremony of bell blessing took place.


„Mieszko & Dobrawa” is the first bell with this name in Poland. It was casted in Jan Felczynski’s Bell Foundry in Przemysl.


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Misericordia Bell (Mercy) is ready!


Our work on the Misericordia Bell (Mercy) - bell for World Youth Day in our workshop came to an end.

Immediately after Easter, bell will be transported to the company Rduch Bells & Clocks, where he receives a clapper and a wooden yoke.

We look forward to the consecration ceremony, which will take place on April 3 (Mercy Sunday) at the Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy in Krakow - Lagiewniki. After the ceremony, the bell will be transported to the Campus Misericordiae.

We wish you an Easter that is bright, happy, and filled with the contentment of the Lord

Misericordia Bell (Mercy) - bell for World Youth Day is almost ready!


On Sunday 11 Mar 2016 the ceremony of bells’ casting took place in our foundry. The ceremony was attended by numerous guests, as well as representatives of major media - television, radio and the press. The event was also graced envoy Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz - Mr. Andrzej Bochniak, merging the bell commemorative medal donated by Cardinal released on the 20th anniversary of the pontificate of Pope John Paul II.


We thank all the guests for coming celebration of the birth of the bell.


We look forward now to April 3, 2016, when it is scheduled unveiling Misericordia Bell. The unveiling will take place in Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy in Krakow - Lagiewniki. Then bell will be transported to Campus Misericordiae (the place where in July will take place the World Youth Days).


We would like to present photos from the production of this great project.

Please see the gallery from casting ceremony of this unusual bell.


Video from birth of the bell


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Church fairs in Zagreb (Croatia)


Last week our foundry (Royal-Bells) together with Rduch Bells & Clocks presented products at the church fairs in Zagreb (Croatia). We are truly grateful to all of visitors for all good words and a keen interest in our products.

The ceremony of bells' blessing in Krakow, Prokocim.


On Sunday 29 Nov 2015 the ceremony of bells’ blessing took place in the parish of Our Lady of Good Counsel in Krakow, Prokocim. The ceremony was led by cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, the former private secretary of John Paul II and current Archbishop of Krakow.
These bells together with one ancient bell with create a minor chord fis’ - a’ - cis’’ - fis’’ and soon will be mounted on a new bell tower currently under construction. The construction was prepared by Rduch Bells & Clocks.
The smallest bell „Misericordia Dei” is dedicated for Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy starting this December.

Please see the gallery from blessing ceremony of this unusual bells.

New bells in the parish of St. Joseph, Husband of BVM in Białystok


Our foundry delivered three new bells to parish of St. Joseph, Husband of BVM in Białystok. This beautiful set was placed on temporary construction as long how building of the new church tower will be finished. Those bells compose a major chord : f’ - a’ - c’’


More information and gallery of blessing and mounting soon.



Do you know that...

In our foundry we casted famous bell St. John Paul II for Wawel Cathedral!


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