Our history

The main branch of the bell founders operating in Przemyśl derives from Jan Felczyński, the great-grandson of the progenitor Michał. He died in 1979 at the age of 83 dedicating his whole life to the art of bell casting. Against his father’s will Jan, who was supposed to go at the university, decided to learn the craftsmanship in his relatives’ manufacture in Kałusz. After years of practice and hard work he opened his own foundry in Stanisławów (now Ivano-Frankivsk in Ukraine). Unfortunately, the slowly escalating inter-war economic crisis forced him to shut down everything and not long after that, being called up to the army, he moved to Przemyśl ...


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Why us

Since the beginnings of our foundry existance we have been repeatedly awarded for achievements in the craft of bellfounding. In 2014 we have been awarded Gold Medal of Sacroexpo International Fairs for combining age-old bellfoounding knowledge with innovations in the field of bell acoustisc and automation solutions ...


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What makes us different




We are proud of being able to cast thousands of bells for Polish and foreign parishes and to participate in prestigous projects around the world. In 2014 we cast a bell for Wawel Royal Cathedral in Crakow. In previous years we have cast bells for very prestigous places in Poland: the Sanctuary of St. Hyacinth in Kamień Śląski, the Basilica of Blessed Virgin Mary in Piekary Śląskie, Jasna Góra in Częstochowa. Our bells ahave also reached Vatican as a gift for pope John Paul II ...


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We make our best to take part in celebrations held in places for which we cast our bells. We know that welcoming new bells in the parish is a big event for the whole parish community. That is why we invite priests and parishioners to our foundry to be present during casting of their bells. We also encourage parishes to organize bell welcoming and blessing ceremonies ...


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Our philosophy

We believe that only a high quality bell with pure sound can last for ages. We also believe that combining a long-standing family tradition with modern solutions in designing bells mounting and automation systems is able to fully satisfy our customers and help us to develop our foundry.


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I would like to thank everyone who with their talent and skills made possible this enormous and difficult  project.  Once again I express my gratitude to the Management and Employees of the whole team, especially to company Rduch Bells & Clocks and to Jan Felczyński Bell Foundry from Przemyśl. Inscription above the “Gate of the Bells” says: Laudate Dominium – praise the Lord. He determines the aim of the whole project (…). Achieving this goal required top-class performance. You have met the challenge in a perfect manner …


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Do you know that...

In our foundry we casted famous bell St. John Paul II for Wawel Cathedral!


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